The Beauty of Nature in Winter, As the Sleepy Hallows Hibernate Exhibit  Ticket Presale!

We are pleased to release a block of tickets at the presale promotional price especially for all of you. Tickets in beautiful gift card form accompanied by beautiful organza gift bags. You are all cordially invited to attend the blockbuster art exhibit of the year in downtown Toronto on Valentine’s Day February 14th, 2021. Featuring “The Beauty of Nature in Winter, As the Sleepy Hallows Hibernate.” Debuting at the Artscape Wynwood Barns Gallery, 7000 square feet of never-before-seen collections.

First debut rare collections, lifelike forums, set to a light show, classic composure, and artisan perception. It will be quite an event, a must-see. 

A truly inspirational exhibit. An exceptional treat for all patrons and an exciting new avenue. All images actual, unaltered, solely perceived from different angels! Telling a story of your own perception. Perceive conscientiously the exhibit background composed of each paradigm piece and latterly, accumulated as a whole, – as the images are truly astounding and inspiring, telling a story of your own perceptions. A must-see. 

These beautiful tickets can be purchased herein.
Secure your presale tickets today for only $20 each.
Curbside pickup instructions will be emailed to you and you’ll have your extraordinary tickets immediately.